Scrambler seized as police vow to stamp down on anti-social behaviour

Scrambler seized as police vow to stamp down on anti-social behaviour

POLICE in Derry have seized a scrambler and arrested the man riding it on suspicion of dangerous driving and driving while under the influence of drink or drugs.

The bike was seized after Ballyarnett Neighbourhood officers on cycle patrol in Galliagh, at around 1.15pm on January 29, saw the bike being driven on a footpath heading into Cashel Hill Park.

The rider was spoken to by police and arrested on suspicion of offences including driving when unfit through drink or drug, dangerous driving and using a motor vehicle without insurance and no 'L' plates displayed.

He was also arrested on suspicion of assault on police, and on suspicion of possession of a Class A controlled drug.

The man has since been released on police bail to allow for further enquiries.

Ballyarnett Neighbourhood Sergeant McCollum said: "We know this is an issue of concern in the community, and we want to reassure you it's one we take seriously.

“Not only is there the impact on people's lives in the community, but there are also serious safety concerns."

He added: "We understand the use of such motorised vehicles as a leisure activity can be fun, but those who use them must understand that, if used inappropriately, this can be against the law in certain circumstances.

“Some scramblers, do not comply with Construction and Use Regulations and Vehicle Safety Standards and therefore are restricted to “off-road” use only.

“This does not mean that they can be driven anywhere off-road.

“These vehicles should only be driven on private land where the landowner has given permission and should not be driven on pavements, roads, public property or parks. Insurance and safety equipment must be complied with as well in order to drive these vehicles legally.”