Security may be called on students who don't wear masks in class, Irish university says

Security may be called on students who don't wear masks in class, Irish university says

AN IRISH university has warned its student that security may be called on them if they refuse to wear a face mask in the classroom.

University College Cork circulated an email to students recently which laid out the college's safety measures as they prepare to return to face-to-face teaching, and reminded them that masks will be mandatory.

According to The Journal, the email warned students that lecturers will ask them to either put on their mask or leave the classroom if they show up without a face covering-- and a source later told the outlet that security could be called if the student refuses to comply.

If security do not immediately come to assist, the lecturer could then end the lecture for all students, disrupting their education.

Any students who refuse to wear a face covering in class would have to meet the Dean of the university and could face a disciplinary meeting for violating student rules, which could affect their place at the college.

Anyone with a medical exemption for wearing a mask would be provided with lanyards to wear in class as proof, following a letter from their GP explaining their medical exemption.

Multiple colleges, including the Unviersity of Limerick and NUI Galway, have confirmed that face coverings will be mandatory, and students who do not comply risk having the lecture cancelled for their classmates.

Third-level education in Ireland has been almost entirely online since the start of the pandemic in March 2020.

Rules on gatherings and social distancing are set to be eased further on 22 October, with the return of nightclubs and mass gatherings-- however the use of face masks will remain in areas such as public transport, shops and healthcare settings.