Sinéad O'Connor announces retirement from music

Sinéad O'Connor announces retirement from music

SINÉAD O'CONNOR has shockingly announced her retirement from music today.

Taking to social media, O'Connor - who changed her named to Shuhada Sadaqat - said she made the decision because "I've gotten older and I'm tired".

"This is to announce my retirement from touring and from working in the record business. I've gotten older and I'm tired. So it's time for me to hang up my nipple tassels, having truly given my all," she tweeted on Friday.

Earlier this week, O'Connor announced that she'll be releasing her 11th studio album, 'No Veteran Dies Alone' (NVDA), which is due to be released in January of next year.

"NVDA will be my last release, and there'll be no more touring or promo," she added.

When asked by a fan if this meant her upcoming shows were going to be cancelled, she replied: "Yes, all shows which were originally set for 2020, rescheduled to 2021 and then to 2022 are going to be pulled. Because this soldier woman has grown old quicker than covid."

A tidal wave of good-will from lovers of her music followed the sudden announcement, as fans wished her well for the future, expressing their sorrow at the news.

"It's not sad news. It's staggeringly beautiful news," Sinéad insisted.

"A wise warrior knows when he or she should retreat: #MeTime

"It's been a forty year journey. Time to put the feet up and make other dreams come true."