Snow and thunderstorms predicted to hit parts of Ireland this weekend

Snow and thunderstorms predicted to hit parts of Ireland this weekend

JUST WHEN you think the bad weather might finally be coming to an end, Met Eireann hits you with predictions of snow and thunderstorms.

Ireland has been battered with bad weather lately, not least due to the four storms that have hit the country since the year began.

And while earlier this week there was a sense of cautious optimism in the air with the news that parts of Ireland could reach 13C, an updated forecast from Met Eireann shows that it's not exactly plain sailing from here.

Sunday will bring scattered, blustery showers, some heavy with hail, and a risk of isolated thunderstorms in some areas. Despite this, top temperatures are expected to be between 7 to 10 degrees, but there will be gusty winds, particularly in coastal areas.

The showers will continue through the night on Sunday, with gales developing in coastal areas. Temperatures will drop to between 1 and 4 degrees, and will be coldest in Ulster.

Monday morning will be bleak. Widespread wind and rain will cover most of the country, and will fall as sleet and snow in parts of Ulster while the rest of the country will continue to be subject to heavy rainfall.

Atlantic coastal counties have been warned of further spot flooding.

Rain and high winds will continue through Monday night, and in to Tuesday, but sunny spells are forecast for Tuesday afternoon.

Wednesday and Thursday will be cooler with night-time frosts returning, and there will be sunny spells-- but also more showers, some wintry with hail.

We're not out of the woods yet.