Striking Irish couple Mick and Kate make mortgage ad video a surprising hit online

Striking Irish couple Mick and Kate make mortgage ad video a surprising hit online

AN IRISH couple sharing emotional family memories as they paid off their final mortgage payment on their family home have become something of an online hit.

Kate and Mick O'Sullivan, from Killareny in Co. Kerry, appeared in an advertisement for Irish bank AIB's series 'We Back Belief' where they shared their journey to paying off their dream home.

And people have appeared to warm to the pair, with the video attracting over 60,000 views on Facebook.

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Speaking about finding the home they bought upon returning to Ireland from the US in 1994, Kate said: "We just knew that this is where we wanted to be.

"I kept seeing the children growing in those rooms," she said. "That they would be comfortable and happy here."

Husband Mick explained how the family embarked on a renovation project when they bought the much loved property.

"It needed a lot of work, we tore into it in 100 days, redesigned it, reshaped it," he said.

"We work well together, we do. We have to," Kate continued. "There are memories in every nook and cranny, every mark on the floor."

Speaking about the mortgage Mick said: "There were challenging times, yes, a lot of hard work but we knew we'd come the road together."

Kate also told The Irish Times that the couple weren't fixated on paying off their mortgage.

"To be honest, it’s not something we were all that anxious about on a day-to-day basis,” reflects Kate. “Call it naivety but it’s just about believing you’ll get through it.

"We weren’t sitting in with a watch and calendar or anything. It’s more like, ‘oh, it’s here. It’s done now. Let’s move on to the next challenge’.”

"We just knew we'd make it work."

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