Thousands of households in Dublin left without water last night

Thousands of households in Dublin left without water last night

OVERNIGHT water restrictions in the greater Dublin area have left thousands of households with no water supply throughout last night and early this morning.

The restrictions were put in place following the extreme weather conditions in Ireland late last week and over the weekend.

Irish Water said that full supply was restored at 7 am this morning, however, most households have complained of still being without water hours later.

Speaking to Morning Ireland on RTE Radio 1 this morning, Irish Water’s Eamon Gallen said: “Unfortunately at certain parts of the network people will be affected more than others and we do apologise for the inconvenience caused.

“The majority of people should have reduced water but some, depending on where they are on the network, whether they are on the end of a pipe, do get impacted and unfortunately that’s very hard to manage.”

He added that customers should have sufficient supply in their attic tanks “to get them through 24 hours”.

He said: “We should advise them not to run washing machines or dishwashers and to take shorter showers.”

Pressure was restricted from 7 pm last night and 7 am this morning for Irish Water customers.

With the country in recovery mode from the impact of both the Beast from the East and Storm Emma, Irish Water have assured customers that they are now better equipped to get emergency water supply to the areas that need one.

Elsewhere, a ‘do not drink’ order has been issued for people on the Fethard public water supply system in County Tipperary.

Water tankers are also being supplied to the area.