Time limits at tables set be scrapped when indoor dining returns next week

Time limits at tables set be scrapped when indoor dining returns next week

THERE will be no dreaded time limits in Ireland's pubs and restaurants once indoor dining returns next week, according to reports.

Today, the Irish government will sign off on guidelines for the reopening of indoor hospitality, which will return for the first time in over seven months on Monday.

As per the legislation, which passed through the Dáil last week, only fully vaccinated individuals may access these indoor areas. Vaccine certificates have been sent to every adult in the country who has either received both their jabs, or has recovered from Covid-19 in the last six months.

These certificates will need to be produced upon entry to indoor dining areas, and the Government is also in the process of launching a Covid Cert app, which will have a QR code that can be scanned by staff.

Customers will also be required to show their ID upon entry, to ensure that their vaccine pass belongs to them.

Pub-goers will also be expected to socially distance and wear masks unless seated at their table, despite the fact that everyone capable of accessing indoor spaces will be fully vaccinated.

Initially, it was agreed that if tables were less than 2 metres apart, a 105 minutes time limit would apply, but according to the Irish Sun, this rule is expected to be discarded.

Elsewhere, pubs and restaurants will still be required to close by 11.30pm, and a maximum of six people will be allowed per table.

No gathering at the bar is allowed and customers will be served at their tables.

It's also understood that hand-stamp systems may be put in place for anyone who leaves the building for a cigarette, to ensure that you won't have to produce a vaccine pass again to get back in.