Woman uses power of social media to track down Irish tourists who posed for picture in Times Square

Woman uses power of social media to track down Irish tourists who posed for picture in Times Square

THREE IRISH tourists who found themselves in New York’s Times Square without a camera have been reunited with a treasured snap of the experience.

Irishmen Sean Tighe, Bernie Waldron and John Devanney from Ballyhaunis in County Mayo found themselves in New York last week as part of a once-in-a-lifetime trip the Big Apple.

Keen to soak up the atmosphere of Times Square, the group soon came up against a rather significant problem: none of them were carrying smartphones or cameras.

That was where New Yorker Christina Boniello came in.

The 23-year-old photographer was taking a stroll through Times Square when she came across three men with a rather strange request.

They asked Boniello to take their picture, despite the fact she had no way of sending it to them.

The trio weren’t fazed though, with one of the group telling her: "We'll find it someday.”

A week later Boniello decided to put their faith to the test.

Taking to Twitter she posted the image, explaining how she met the three men and that she was seeking help in finding out who they are.

“When I was in the city last week, these three Irishmen asked me to take a photo of them, but none of them had phones,” she tweeted.

“’You’ll take the picture and we’ll find it someday” so if by some strange turn of events anyone knows these guys, here’s their photo.”

It took less than an hour for tweet to go viral, with the image retweeted more than 5,700 times in a short space of time.

All three men were soon identified, with Twitter as a whole banding together to reunite the three men with the woman that helped them capture their special moment.

It was an experience that left Boniello stunned.

“Most definitely did not expect to be able to ID these guys as quick as everyone did,” she tweeted. “I’m blown away and honestly so happy with the power of social media.”

That sentiment was echoed elsewhere, with one follower tweeting: “Why can’t all tweets be like this? I’ve been having a bad day and this has changed my whole trajectory.”

There's now talk of the three men being flown back out to the US for an appearance alongside Boniello on The Ellen Show.

A truly remarkable turn of events.