TV presenter criticised for telling pregnant Meghan Markle to ‘shut up’ in shocking on-air rant

TV presenter criticised for telling pregnant Meghan Markle to ‘shut up’ in shocking on-air rant

AN AUSTRALIAN TV host has launched a blistering attack on Meghan Markle telling the Duchess to “shut up” in a rant blasted by viewers of her show.

Edwina Bartholomew, 37, was branded a “hypocrite” by Markle’s supporters after going on the offensive against the former royal.

Bartholomew was reacting to the reports claiming the pregnant Duchess of Sussex chose not to travel back to the UK for Prince Philip’s funeral because she "didn't want to be the centre of attention".

Markle opted to remain at the family home in Montecito, California, under doctor's orders, while Prince Harry has travelled back to pay his respects.

Commenting on the story, Bartholomew said: "That just really gets my goat.

"I've reserved judgement about those two for quite some time, but if that is true, it just makes me so angry.

"I still liked Harry and Meghan, I just, I just feel I've turned now."

She agreed Markle would definitely have had a "lot of attention on her and it would have distracted".

However, she added: "But for them to say that out loud... just go with the Palace line wouldn't you just for once. Just shut up."

Her comments drew a strong reaction from fans of Meghan and Harry, with Bartholomew drawing strong criticism from many on social media.

One wrote: "Edwina is being a hypocrite. First they acknowledge that a ‘friend’ has given the info, then they say MM should shut up.

"She hasn't said anything publicly. Seems the only ones talking about this are Sunrise and NewsCorp. They're making MM a distraction which they criticise."

Another tweeted: "There is not a single friend of Meghan's who would have spoken on this.

"This was a poor excuse for #EdwinaBartholomew to publicly bash an 8 month pregnant woman who quite clearly, as with any woman this far into a pregnancy, would be unable to fly!"

A third added: "If Edwina Bartholomew wants to throw her career and credibility away by simpering to the Palaces and attacking a pregnant woman, we can definitely assist in her in that endeavor."

While a fourth added: "It's actually time for totally irrelevant @sunriseon7 hosts to shut up. Believing & perpetuating their own gossip is a low act. Edwina Bartholomew - shut up.”

Prince Philip's funeral will be held at St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle this coming Saturday April 17.