'God is sending a signal!' - Twitter reacts to lightning strike on the White House

'God is sending a signal!' - Twitter reacts to lightning strike on the White House

THE ALMIGHTY is keeping a close eye on President Donald Trump and he doesn't like what he is seeing.

Or at least, that was the verdict of several thousand people on Twitter reacting to a stunning photograph capturing the moment a bolt of lightning struck the White House this week.

Was this the Lord's way of reminding President Trump who is boss and giving him his first formal warning as Leader of the Free World? That's certainly the way some people saw it.

In any case, the image, snapped by CNN's Matt Hoye, got a lot of people talking on social media.

"That might have been a warning shot," one follower joked.

"God is sending a signal!" another confidently declared.

"First a sink hole, now lightening. Hmm someones are not happy," a third added, with one Twitter user simply responding "Get 'em God. Get them all."

There were plenty of creative suggestions of course.

But the running theme was a simple one.

As one person put it: "God has had ENOUGH!"

"I just KNEW God would get him eventually," someone else joked.

And these are only the tip of the iceberg, with a glut of anti-Trump supporters leaping on the image as a sign of something far bigger at work.

Trump, to his credit, didn't take the bait, choosing to ignore the jokes and focus on the busy job of being President.

He's already announced plans to visit Ireland after accepting an open invitation from Taoiseach Leo Varadka.

And, barring divine intervention, Trump will be heading to the Emerald Isle this November.