U2 frontman Bono ‘lands mega-money deal to write tell-all autobiography’

U2 frontman Bono ‘lands mega-money deal to write tell-all autobiography’

U2 FRONTMAN Bono looks set to break his long silence with an autobiography chronicling his life and career as part of Ireland’s biggest band.

According to an exclusive report from The Irish Sun, the singer has signed a publishing deal worth as much as €6.5million to write his memoirs.

An insider told the newspaper: “There have been many books about U2 but much of the people, events and fears that shaped Bono are not widely known.”

No official release date has been confirmed for the book as yet. It won’t be the first time Bono has turned his hand to writing.

The singer previously contributed to a book about U2 written by Neil McCormick. U2 by U2 saw Bono detail his life growing up as a teenager in Glasnevin, Dublin.

The Irishman has also turned his hand to fiction, writing a short story titled The Million Dollar Hotel while filming the music video for Where the Streets Have No Name on a Los Angeles rooftop in 1987.

Set around the colourful residents of a run-down hotel, the story was something of a whodunnit, centring on FBI agent dispatched to investigate the death of a billionaire media mogul at the residence.

The story was later adapted for the big screen with Wim Wenders directing a cast that included Tim Roth, Milla Jovovich and Mel Gibson – the latter, of whom, also served as producer.

A critical and commercial flop upon release, the film made less than $60,000 at the box office off the back of a budget of $8 million.

The film’s release was further hampered by the antics of Gibson, who told reporters at one press conference he “thought it was as boring as a dog's ass”.