Warning issued to dog owners in Antrim after 'laced sausage' found in garden

Warning issued to dog owners in Antrim after 'laced sausage' found in garden

A DOG owner in Northern Ireland is urging fellow canine lovers to stay vigilant following a sinister discovery in his back garden. 

Pet owner David Foster was disturbed to find a “laced sausage” in the back garden of his home, where it had evidently been left for his dog, Negrita. 

The sausage contained a pointed metal tack and was clearly designed to cause serious damage to any animal consuming it. 

According to Foster’s Facebook post, the alleged incident occurred sometime between 10pm on Tuesday, July 7 and 7am on Wednesday, July 8 in the Caulside Park area of  Antrim. 

“If you are in the local vicinity and have any kind of information, home surveillance footage, Ring doorbell footage etc., between these times, please report it regardless of how insignificant you may feel it is,” he wrote. 

“It may just be the missing piece of evidence we need to determine who the culprit was. This dangerous individual walks amongst us, in our own community, it’s frightening to even think about.” 


A six-year-old cross-breed, Negrita is a dog that boasts a fascinating story. 

Foster actually rescued her from the Amazon Jungle two years ago. 

It was only thanks to the efforts of his own dog charity, PlayForStrays, that he was able to bring her back to Northern Ireland to live permanently. 

Founded in September 2016, PlayforStrays provides a service to any no-kill animal shelter, globally, by donating toys and other items as deemed necessary at the time.