Watch: A horse walks into a supermarket in joke

Watch: A horse walks into a supermarket in joke

A VIDEO of a horse walking through a supermarket in Dublin has gone viral online.

In the clip widely shared on social media, a horse can be seen strolling through a branch of Tesco in the Irish capital.

The footage sees the horse led through the F&F clothing department of the supermarket, taking a minor detour through the shop’s lingerie section – Valentine’s Day was coming up, after all.

The incident took place at the Tesco’s located in Dublin’s Clearwater shopping centre and saw two young men, as yet unidentified, leading the horse around.

Animal welfare group DSPCA has criticised the footage and called on horse owners to apply common sense and opt against bringing their horse along for the weekly shop in future.

The supermarket has also confirmed that the horse did not enter any of its fresh food aisles and, once security staff were alerted, was escorted away from the shop.

It’s not the only sighting of the horse to find its way onto social media either.

Another video, posted on Facebook, also captured the moment the same two young men attempted to bring the very same horse into a pub in the capital.

Maybe the horse was traumatised after getting chucked out of the supermarket and needed a swift one?

In any case they were given short shrift, with the horse and his human companions ejected in double-quick time.

They didn’t even have time to order a pint.

Or for the barman to ask the horse: “Why the long face?”