WATCH: Irish girl surprised with drive-by celebrations from friends on 12th birthday

WATCH: Irish girl surprised with drive-by celebrations from friends on 12th birthday

AN IRISH girl who was disappointed her friends couldn't be with her as she celebrated her 12th birthday was left in happy shock as her friends and family surprised her with a 'drive-by' party to mark the occasion.

12-year-old Katie, from County Sligo, was one of hundreds of children left disappointed on their birthday, with current guidelines meaning their would be no parties or gathering of friends and family.

But Katie's mam took matters into her own hands, and organised with her friends and classmates for a very special celebration indeed-- one that would certainly never be forgotten.

In a video posted to Twitter, Katie's mam described the situation, saying:

"So my daughter, Katie, had her 12th birthday today.

"She couldn't have any friends over so we arranged a birthday drive by with all her friends as a surprise for her.

"Best bunch of friends ever!"

The video shows a slightly dejected-looking Katie kicking a ball outside the front of her house when she notices a persistent beeping sound coming from down the road.

Suddenly a line of cars pass by, with her friends beeping and waving and shouting 'Happy birthday!' to Katie on her big day, with one girl getting out of the vehicle to drop a card in the driveway, and another holding a massive handmade sign bearing the words 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'.

The celebrations didn't stop there-- once the video was shared on Twitter, more best wishes started flooding through as the video reached over one million views, with well-known Irish figures such as Marty Morrissey wishing Katie a very happy birthday and offers from TV broadcasters to mark the occasion by showing her picture on the news the next morning.

Happy birthday, Katie!