Wicklow firefighters come to the rescue of Jack Russell who got trapped under garden shed

Wicklow firefighters come to the rescue of Jack Russell who got trapped under garden shed

FIRE FIGHTERS in Wicklow came to the rescue of an adorable Jack Russell Terrier after he became trapped under his owner’s garden shed. 

Officers from Greystone fire station were called to a residence in Kilcoole by a family who were concerned their pet pooch had gotten himself in a spot of bother. 

Somehow the Jack Russell, named Buachail, had managed to get himself wedged under the heavy wooden structure while doing a spot of digging. 

With his owners increasingly concerned for the dog’s life, firefighters stepped in to save the day with the aid of a hydraulic pump. 

In footage posted to the Wicklow Fire Service Twitter page, Buachail can be heard whimpering while officers perform the delicate operation. 

Thankfully, the pump worked an absolute charm, allowing the dog to run free from the shed before firefighters returned the structure to its original setting. 

There was audible delight among Buachail’s thankful family, while Buachail was soon bounding around the garden as if nothing had ever happened. 

Writing alongside footage of the rescue, Wicklow Fire Service said: ““Buachaill” the Jack Russell overdid the self-isolation and got himself stuck under the garden shed in Kilcoole this morning.  

"#Greystones crew didn’t raise the roof, the raised the whole shed. A normal day for a dog whose name might translate as Jack the Lad.” 

The footage has been viewed nearly 3,000 times with the officers involved earning plenty of plaudits for their kind actions. 

“Fair play lads,” one person wrote. 

Ah well done! Heartwarming,” another added. 

“Nice to see some good news,” a third said. 

“Good work everyone,” a fourth chimed in with. “Tea and medal.” 

A much-deserved tea it would be too.