Irish international Alan Judge denies calling referee a ‘bald c***’

Irish international Alan Judge denies calling referee a ‘bald c***’

IRISH MIDFIELDER Alan Judge has strongly defended himself after a referee who squared up to him accused him of calling him "a c***".

In a bizarre set of circumstances, Referee Darren Drysdale squared up to Judge in a recent Championship game between Ipswich and Northampton.

It came just seconds after Drysdale booked the 32-year-old for going down in the box to try and win Ipswich a penalty. 

Judge protested the decision strongly, which resulted in Drysdale aggressively pushing his head into the Irish player’s face.

Drysdale was handed a suspension following the confrontation with the written reasons behind the decision also published by the FA.

Based on his own account of the proceedings, Drysdale believes Judge called him the c word.

He said: "As I blew my whistle Alan Judge shouted aggressively in a loud voice at me and from a distance of only 5 metres 'It's a ******* penalty you cheating bald ****!'

"Reacting completely out of character, I took exception to what I considered to be an offensive comment."

Judge has since strongly denied making these comments saying he "won’t stand by and be accused of saying something I didn’t and not responding".

Judge said: "I said the incident was over as far as I was concerned when I walked off the pitch and that I wasn’t looking for an apology.

"I didn’t want to make anything of it because it’s a tough job being a referee but I’m not going to keep quiet when I’ve been accused of calling the referee a cheat and using the C word.

"I’ll admit using the F word but I said to him ‘you have got to be F…… joking me and I said that a couple of times to him. I never used the C word. I don't use that word and I didn't call him a cheat.

"My mum passed away last week - which is far more important than this - and I don’t need this hassle to be honest.

"Like I said, the matter was closed but I’ve got a decent reputation in the game and I won’t stand by and be accused of saying something I didn’t and not responding.

"Our media team have got some audio and it backs me up. Some people have said I should have come out straightaway and explained what I said but I didn’t want to do that. I was trying to help Darren. I said the matter was finished and it was but I have to make it clear now that I totally dispute what has been said by the referee."