Belfast boxer Sean McComb foils two robberies in one day

Belfast boxer Sean McComb foils two robberies in one day

IRISH boxer Sean McComb has been hailed as a hero after thwarting two robberies within the space of half an hour.

The Belfast amateur, who won bronze at the European Games in Baku earlier this summer, was on duty in his day job for Belfast City Sightseeing Tours at the time.

The first instance involved the theft of a lady’s purse, with the thief forced to drop the stolen good after being chased by McComb and a colleague.

"The woman was delighted to get the purse back," the southpaw told Belfast Live. "Her bank card and pin number were in the purse so he could have went to the bank machine and cleared her out."

Soon after, 22-year-old McComb was dealing with some customers when a similar incident occurred, only this time he physically restrained a thief to retrieve a stolen mobile phone.

McComb added: "I was walking up the town with some customers, and I saw a man running in the front of city hall.

“I saw all my colleagues pointing and pointing - I thought to myself: 'No way, this could not be happening again'. I just started sprinting up after him, grabbed him by the hood and I got the phone back."