Byrnes claims Limerick team are batting away five-in-a-row talk

Byrnes claims Limerick team are batting away five-in-a-row talk

Limerick's Diarmaid Byrnes has claimed that Limerick have learned how to bat away narratives that come around every year, and this includes the potential of winning five-in-a-row for the first time ever.

This year, Limerick could become the greatest hurling side in living memory if they do manage to win five Liam McCarthy titles in a row. The previous record of four has been held by Limerick under John Kiely, the Kilkenny team under Brian Cody, and the Cork team of the 1940s, which stands to this day.

After beating Kilkenny for the second year in a row last July, the narrative quickly became about what was next for this great Limerick team. Slogans like "Drive for Five" emerged, and it would take a brave person not to back Limerick to lift a fifth title in 2024.

However, Byrnes, a former Hurler of the Year, believes that Limerick has the mental nous and experience to go about their job and avoid the backdrop of pressure that will come with their quest.

"I know it's obviously the elephant in the room regarding the media perspective," Byrnes said. "I know my own family at home over the Christmas period; you bump into people and it's, "Jaysus, go on now, Byrnesie," stupid little stuff, pub talk or whatever.

"We build up immunity with regards to dealing with those situations; there's experience in the group, and it will definitely stand to us this year, as it did last year and the previous year.

"It's just learning different things, taking nuggets as we did last year throughout the championship, and we'll probably apply different things this year. But yeah, we'll treat this year no different."

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Last year could have seen the end of Limerick's quest for a fourth title, but they overcame the challenge and made more history in 2023. The Patrickswell clubman believes that 2024 will be no different and welcomes the adversity that will come their way in 2024.

"Ultimately, clearing the hurdles put in front of you is what players want to do. "Those challenges are just part and parcel of being an inter-county player, regardless of what code you're playing, male or female," he added.

"I don't think there is anyone who has a perfect season without picking up a hamstring strain, a dirty old belt on the finger, or something like that. How we have adapted over the last number of years shows strength in our panel.

"The younger lads and their contribution—how they've added—is the only way to put it—massively. The strength in our panel, the belief, and the trust are how we have gotten through it."