Chantelle Cameron has called out Ireland's Katie Taylor again

Chantelle Cameron has called out Ireland's Katie Taylor again

IRELAND'S KATIE TAYLOR has received another call-out from Northampton native Chantelle Cameron, a world champion in two weight classes.

Cameron, the current undisputed light-welterweight champion recently tweeted that she'd be game for a bout with Taylor in Croke Park next St. Patrick's Day

"March 17th Croke Park Katie Taylor Undisputed v Undisputed If the Serrano rematch doesn't happen. I’ll be free, " Cameron tweeted on Monday.

Now she's called out Katie Taylor, the undisputed light champion once more on the radio.

Speaking to the BBC in an interview on Tuesday, the English woman said there should 'be no more excuses' going forward.

"There are three names I want. Katie Tayl or a rematch with Jessica McCaskill. I think I deserve those,"she said.

Cameron was then promoted about fighting Taylor in Ireland by the interviewer and claimed that she is worthy of dethroning one of Ireland's greatest ever sports stars.

"I think the fight makes sense now. I'm undisputed at 140, she's undisputed at 135, there's no more excuses.

Before I wasn't a world champion... this and that, whereas now I'm a world champion, I was unified world champion, now I'm undisputed. I think I've proved myself that I'm worthy of fighting Katie Taylor," said Cameron.

"She's boxed people that haven't had those credentials and there's been nothing said.

It's just the fight has happened whereas with me it's always been 'she's got to do this, she's got to do that, this and that' whereas now what's left? I've done it so now we can fight."

Taylor has also said in the past she would be willing to fight the English boxing star or McCaskill next. Although a rematch against Serrano would be her ideal pick if it came down to it.

After her recent win against  Karen Elizabeth Carabajal at Wembley, she said: "I have no problem stepping up and facing either of those girls. I obviously fought Jessica and beat her before [in 2017] and I fought Chantelle as an amateur boxer as well. So I have no problem going up and facing either one of them. That would be a fantastic fight."