Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz go back and forth on Twitter over steroids

Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz go back and forth on Twitter over steroids

DO YOU want to see a third fight between the two?

Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz seemed to have a good relationship after their incredible second fight back in 2016.

But as seems to be commonplace in the fight game, things have turned sour between the two.

Nate Diaz defeated the Dubliner in the first fight between the two back in 2015, but McGregor got revenge a year later in what is seen as one of the best UFC fights of all time.

Seemingly, the latest Twitter drama between the two started when McGregor tweeted this over the weekend:

McGregor, seemingly with a chip on his shoulder, then accused Nate Diaz of being a steroid user.

Diaz then responded with a picture of McGregor laying on the canvas inside a UFC ring, after Diaz had defeated him, saying 'This is what steroids do to you."

McGregor ended the war of words (for now), by saying that he only began a new fitness and training programme after the loss to Diaz, and that Diaz's face looked like a "bowl of leftover salsa" after the second bout.

Something tells us that we haven't seen or heard the last from these two yet.

McGregor has a scheduled fight with Dustin Poirier 10 July, it was recently confirmed by the UFC.

It will take place in a venue in Las Vegas at full capacity, with 20,000 fans expected to be in attendance.

This is the third fight between the two, after Poirier defeated McGregor convincingly in January, with the referee stopping the fight in the second round, while McGregor won comfortably against the American in 2014.