Eamon Dunphy blasts 'crass' and 'unfunny' comments from Martin O'Neill

Eamon Dunphy blasts 'crass' and 'unfunny' comments from Martin O'Neill

RTÉ PUNDIT Eamon Dunphy has hit out at Republic of Ireland boss Martin O’Neill over ‘unfunny’ comments he made regarding the partners of his players.

After being asked whether he would ban the wives and girlfriends of the players from the Republic’s Euro 2016 camp this summer, as Wales boss Chris Coleman has done, O’Neill raised a few eyebrows with his response.

“It depends on how good looking the girls are,” O’Neill joked with his characteristically deadpan humour. “If they’re really attractive they’re very, very welcome. The uglier ones? I’m afraid no.”


O’Neill’s politically incorrect comments have stirred debate since being made last Thursday, and Dunphy is the latest to criticise the Ireland manager and the FAI for failing to address the matter before or after Tuesday night’s game against Slovakia.

“The FAI should have insisted that O’Neill apologise for his remarks,” wrote Dunphy in his Irish Daily Star column.

“What O’Neill said was crass and unfunny. It was something nobody in his position should ever come out with. It was embarrassing for the Irish soccer community that he said those things.”