Irish artist transforms Steven Gerrard into Hollywood superstars

Irish artist transforms Steven Gerrard into Hollywood superstars

AS Steven Gerrard joins LA Galaxy and moves across the Atlantic to the home of the movie industry, an Irish artist decided that the former Reds captain deserved a Hollywood makeover.

Sligo illustrator and lifelong Liverpool fan Dan Leydon was commissioned by LA Galaxy to create a fitting tribute to the new signing.

Gerarrd, 35, has been immortalised into five Hollywood superstars in five film posters, created ahead of his debut against Mexico City’s Club América on Saturday night.

The ex-Liverpool captain stars in the classics: 2001: A Space Odyssey (which becomes 2015: A Space Odyssey), Easy Rider, L.A. Story, Bullitt and Superman.

Leydon, whose other commissions include Nike, ESPN, Aviva and Setanta Sports, explained that Superman was an emotional choice for himself and fellow Liverpool fans.

“He’s as close as it gets to a superhero in football terms,” he said. “The sheer number of times he’s popped up with sublime moments to turn a match are nearly too much to count.

Superman works well with the image of him flying up to nod a historic header in. Also the S.G. fit nicely into the crest.”

According to Leydon, the inspiration behind the posters stems from films that had a sense of discovery or a new beginning.

2001 made sense as it had the galaxy and space connection and the overall theme of taking a next step or embarking into a new dawn.

Easy Rider worked too as it’s about someone setting out to find the soul of America. L.A. Story is probably the most obvious one, with its tagline carrying the meaning. It did lend itself well to the rendering of the sunset though,” he added.

Bullitt is for his persona, a bit frowny and quiet like the titular heroes of '70s cinema but they get the hard stuff done in the important moments.”


Photos: LA Galaxy