Is this the most Irish parcel you’ve ever seen?

Is this the most Irish parcel you’ve ever seen?

THE Irish have a habit of keeping matters simple, so dressing things up is not a renowned trait of ours.

Stoke-on-Trent based Irishman Gavin McAlister brilliantly applied those characteristics after receiving a request from his pal in London to send down some hurling sticks last week.

The Cushendall native's natural instinct wasn’t to find a parcel big enough for two hurls.

Instead, he grabbed some standard ‘fragile’ tape and wrapped the whole lot around the pair of them.

“Presentation was never a strong point of mine, so blattering tape around them was the only thing for it,” he said.


“There shouldn't be much doubt which package to look out for!”

With the address written on the opposite side, the hurl-shaped parcel duly arrived on Monday morning with the sturdy sticks still intact.

Job's a good'un