Liverpool and Manchester City have had their Premier League games moved

Liverpool and Manchester City have had their Premier League games moved

LIVERPOOL AND MANCHESTER CITY have had their respective matches against Southampton and Wolverhampton Wanderers moved due to fixture scheduling. 

Liverpool’s trip to Southampton has been moved to Tuesday, May 17, which is five days after the FA Cup final against Chelsea. 

Manchester City’s game against Wolves will take place on Wednesday, May 11.

This will mean that Guardiola's side will play three top-flight games in seven days as the season reaches its conclusion.

Liverpool are a point behind the Premier League Champions and are chasing a historic quadruple. 

Earlier this month Klopp said: "We are part of four competitions, and thankfully we are good enough this year not to go out early, but the fixture list we have now, let’s get through it".

He also added: "The schedule, and how people use the fame in the moment – Liverpool is hot and everyone wants to see them – they couldn’t care less, the TV stations. It’s just not OK.

"If we play a Champions League semi-final, find me another league in the world and another broadcaster who would put the one team in the semi-finals – it might be two or three English teams – at 12.30. It’s like: 'Throw them a little stick between the legs!'

"What? What are you doing? Why would you do that? That’s why it’s so difficult, that’s why it never happens, because nobody cares. It’s unbelievably difficult... We just try to squeeze everything out to stay as long in the competition as possible."

Depending on how Liverpool fare against Villareal in the Champions League semi-final and if Manchester overcome Madrid in the second leg (4-3), then the pair could also meet in the Champions League. 

Liverpool’s remaining league games

Newcastle (April 30), Tottenham (May 7), Aston Villa (May 10), Southampton (May 17) and Wolves (May 22).

Manchester City's remaining league games

Leeds (April 30), Newcastle (May 8), Wolves (May 11), West Ham (May 15) and Aston Villa (May 22).