Micah Richards has been detailing his bromance with Roy Keane

Micah Richards has been detailing his bromance with Roy Keane

MICAH RICHARDS has given an interview to The Athletic  detailing his rise to the top of the footballing broadcast world, his career and his relationship with former Ireland captain Roy Keane.  

Keane and Richards have built up a strong rapport on Sky and Richard's has admitted that Keane is “everything I didn’t expect him to be.” 

Keane's perception during his playing days was a tough tackling no nonsense midfielder, who would accept nothing but the best. 

These day's Keane has opened up more, and a lot of people believe that Richard's light-hearted nature is a major cause of that 

Speaking on the relationship the 33-year-old said: “I don’t really get starstruck,”  

'I did with (Patrick) Vieira when he came to Man City and working with Thierry Henry on CBS, but Roy… he’s a Manchester United captain, a legend, and with the greatest respect to me, 

'I shouldn’t even be allowed to sit next to him.' 

“But Roy is everything I didn’t expect him to be. It’s hard to explain without going over the top, but there’s this perception that he’s an angry, old… but he’s the nicest, most considerate guy. And on the other hand, I think I’ve helped bring out a side of him that a lot of people wouldn’t see. And I take great pride in that. 


“I know I sometimes go a bit over the top in terms of getting reactions, but I love working with him. 

“It’s almost awkward because Roy Keane has asked me to go for a coffee, you know what I mean?,” Richards adds, of a meeting he had with Keane in Harrogate just last week. 

He also detailed how the relationship blossomed to what it is today and described the Cork man as a 'diamond'. 

“I decided just to disagree with whatever he said. I prodded him, poked him and didn’t back down. I think he liked the way I held my own,” the former Manchester City player said. 

“Ever since then, it’s been brilliant. We’re lucky to have him at a time when Manchester United aren’t doing so well, because he’s so passionate about the club. He’s one of the nicest people I’ve met in broadcasting. He’s a diamond, he really is.” 

Richards will be hoping that Manchester City can retain their Premier League crown in the penultimate weeks of the season. 

City have a three-point lead over Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool and play West Ham and Aston Villa in the last two games.