Re-live: Ireland's Robbie Brady's Goal v Italy - 'lost for words' in emotional Euro 2016 post-match interview

Re-live: Ireland's Robbie Brady's Goal v Italy - 'lost for words' in emotional Euro 2016 post-match interview

Re-living nostalgic moments: IT WAS a historic night for the Irish national football team and Ireland's goalscorer Robbie Brady after beating Italy 1-0 in the EURO 2016 Championship.

It was a momentous occasion for the man of the match, who described the win as the fulfillment of a childhood dream.

In an emotional interview with RTÉ's football correspondent, Tony O'Donnell, Brady spoke about his winning goal: "I don't know, my body just started carrying my legs into the box and I just trusted that it would put it where it hurts and I managed to get my head onto it."

"I'm lost for words... over the moon... it's unbelievable," he added.

"I grew up waiting to play at this stage since I was a little kid, and to do it in front of the family is the best feeling in the world," he told RTÉ.

Just when it looked like Ireland were on their way out of the tournament, Brady scored in the 85th minute.

That was Brady's fifth goal for Ireland in the 26 appearances he made for the Irish national football team.

At the time, Brady, 24 at the time, had played for Norwich City Football Club since 2015. He since moved to Burnley  in 2017.

The Irish international football player, who born in Dublin, and has a younger brother, Liam, who also played in the under-17 and under-18 Irish international football teams.

Watch and relive Robbie Brady's Goal v Italy

Video from FAI Ireland

Watch Robbie Brady's interview with RTÉ below...

At 9:20 in this clip:

Watch the reaction of Robbie Brady's brother, Liam, as Brady scored the goal...

Kevin Kilbane on the night stated it was 'One of the greatest nights', saying
"I knew Robbie Brady when he first came into Hull from Manchester United. He had that passion to play for his country from a young age and is a player you would want on your side every day of the week.

Every aspect of the Republic of Ireland's game tonight was excellent. It was a totally dominant display. This will go down as one of the greatest Irish nights in history." as reported by  BBC 

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*Originally published on Jun 23, 2016