Roy Keane's five most iconic moments for Manchester United

Roy Keane's five most iconic moments for Manchester United

WE'RE PAYING tribute to the Cork legend.

Earlier this week, Roy Keane became the fourth person to be inducted into the new Premier League Hall of Fame.

So we thought we'd cast our minds back to some of the Corkman's most iconic moments playing for Premier League giants Manchester United.

The 4-2 against Arsenal 

Keano clashed in the tunnel with Arsenal captain Patrick Vieira before the game, and it looked like the Frenchman was in his head when he scored to put the Gunners a goal up.

But Keane, as he often did, fought back from adversity and led United to an incredible 4-2 victory, playing Vieira off the park.

Plus, how could we forget the classic "I'll see you out there" line.

The Juventus performance 

The stuff of dreams, this. Keane picked up a yellow card early in the match, which meant that even if United could turn the game around, he would miss the Champions League Final.

It would have been perfectly understandable for him to drop the head and go into his shell.

Instead, he played the game of his life to ensure that the Reds would make to the final, scoring a lovely header in the process.

Sadly he never got a Champions League Final under his belt, but he does have a medal in his possession.

Goal against Manchester City 

What a way to announce yourself to the United fans. A late winner against the local rivals, and what a goal it was.

The Alf-Inge Haaland injury

Not necessarily a good moment for the former Ireland captain, but undeniably one of his most iconic moments on a football pitch.

He set out to injure the Norwegian (who's son is currently one of the best players in the world), and he did just that. He took the red card happily, and walked off feeling accomplished.

Unheard of in the modern game.


Speaking after a European game, United's captain wasn't pleased with the support that the home fans were giving the side.

So, as he was one to do, he let loose in an interview.

Keane said: "Away from home our fans are fantastic, I'd call them the hardcore fans. But at home they have a few drinks and probably the prawn sandwiches, and they don't realise what's going on out on the pitch."