Sergio Aguero's cardiologist says vaccine not reason for retirement.

Sergio Aguero's cardiologist says vaccine not reason for retirement.


RECENTLY RETIRED footballer Sergio Aguero's cardiologist has dismissed any theory that the striker's retirement was due to Covid or anything vaccine-related. Aguero announced that he would not be returning to football after health issues after plowed the Argentine since arriving at the Camp Nou in Spain

Aguero, 33, would make his last appearance for the club at the end of October against Alves. He started to feel problems with his chest and was quickly withdrawn as a precaution. He went through cardiological tests, which the club confirmed the cause was a heart arrhythmia.

Aguero was ruled out for three months and retired as a result of the condition.

"It is a very difficult moment," Aguero said at a press conference announcing his retirement.

"The decision I have taken for my health; the problem I had a month and a half ago.

"I have been in good hands with the medical staff. I made the decision 10 days ago after doing everything possible to have some hope of playing on. I am very proud of my career. I have always dreamed of a professional career since the first time I touched a ball at five."

Footballers have complained about chest pains like Aguero over the last few weeks and it's been challenged with conspiracy theories related to the Covid-19 or the Covid vaccine, but Roberto Peidro, Aguero's cardiologist, has insisted it has nothing to do with either.

The pair have known each other since 2004. Peidro said the 33-year-old will be able to live a 'normal life' in retirement. He said that the 33-year-old's heart problem has been caused by a tiny scar near his heart following a cardiac ablation.

"He has a very small scar in his heart area which is less than a millimeter which is why it sort of short-circuits and causes those arrhythmias," Peidro said during a radio interview in Argentina.

“What was done using a catheter was to burn that area where the arrhythmias were coming out.

“We think it’s going to work very well and solve the problem but our advice is that he shouldn’t do high-performance sport that involves an important degree of mental and physical stress several hours a day.

“He can do sport and he’s going to have a normal life like any normal person. But footballers live a different type of life.”

He also refuted any suggestion that Aguero's retirement was linked to Covid-19, which the striker tested positive for in January, or the Covid vaccine.

"The most common scenario is that the small scar found is produced by a virus he’s suffered at some point in his life and wasn’t ever detected," he said.

"But it has nothing to do with Covid or the Covid vaccine."

Peidro began treating the former Manchester City striker 17 years ago when he suffered palpitations. Speaking about the striker’s heart issue in 2004, Peidro added:

"We burnt that arrhythmia but this one is completely unrelated and much less benign."