Tony Pulis tells hilarious story over Glenn Whelan's fight with MLS player at Stoke

Tony Pulis tells hilarious story over Glenn Whelan's fight with MLS player at Stoke

WE WOULDN'T want to mess with Glen Whelan.

Tony Pulis managed one of the most iconic sides in Premier League history.

They were tough to beat, defensively solid, and also difficult to stop scoring. It even birthed a famous line about the best players abroad, with critics asking if they had the minerals to perform on a "cold Tuesday night at Stoke".

And at the core of this Stoke side was an Irish spine. Jon Walters, Rory Delap and of course, Glenn Whelan, were all pivotal parts of the team.

Speaking to Off The Ball about his time as Stoke gaffer, Pulis remembered one incident where Glen Whelan got into it with American footballer Brek Shea.

"It was Brek Shea, he played for America, he had long, flowing blonde hair. You looked at him first and thought he was a bit of a ‘Charlie’, but he was a nice lad.

"Glenn hits this cross-field pass that went out of play, and Brek puts his hand up. We were doing 11 v 11 and I was coaching something, I turned around and by the time I turned back… let’s just say that Glenn had shaken him up a bit...

"Brek never, ever got involved in any of that nonsense from any point after that."

Poor Brek didn't stick around at Stoke too long, and we can't say we blame him after a welcome like that from the tough-tackling Dublin midfielder.

Pulis also said that while Whelan may never have caught the eye of the average football fan, his teammates loved playing with him.

"That is why I have got the greatest of respect for Glenn. Every challenge you put in front of him, he would step up again. We brought some good midfielders in and through pre-season Glenn would just step up.

"Irrespective of what I paid for that midfield player, I would always pick the best players for the team and Glenn would always prove to be the best player for that position.

"|He is not a great favourite with the supporters but his teammates loved to play with Glenn because he did all the donkey work.

"He was tidy enough on the ball and a very intelligent player as well."

High praise.