Apprentice star eyeing success with 'game changing' cream

Apprentice star eyeing success with 'game changing' cream

Life looks sweet for winner of The Apprentice 2013, Dr Leah Totton, following a succesful first year in business with partner Lord Sugar

THE FUTURE of anti-aging treatment is non-surgical according to Dr Leah Totton, who claims the days of overdone Botox and invasive surgery are done.

Unlike their predecessors in the 1990s, men and women chasing eternal youth today want it to look natural, she claims.

They also want it to appear subtly on their brows, without the use of a knife or need for anaesthetic, the Derry-native, who set up her Dr Leah clinic in London last year, after winning the 2013 series of The Apprentice, told The Irish Post this week.

On January 22 she will celebrate the one year anniversary of the launch of the Moorgate clinic – and a year in business with partner Lord Alan Sugar, who provided the £250,000 lump sum which funded the start-up.


And luckily for both, the business is already doing far better than even they expected.

“Our first year has by far exceeded my expectations,” Totton admits.

“The clinic is going so well that we hit our two and a half year target in month eleven, so for us it’s an astounding achievement,” she added.

“There has been a lot of hard work of course and we have a great team, but I feel very lucky for the business to be thriving the way that it is.”

As the doctor gets ready to celebrate their early achievement this week she is also preparing to launch a brand new treatment into the British market – which brings anti-aging therapy to another level.

“Largely we are planning to spend 2015 consolidating our success so far,” she told us, “but we are also bringing out a new anti-aging treatment, which will launch on our anniversary on January 22.”

Entirely new to the UK market, and exclusive to the Dr Leah clinic, the treatment combines ultrasound and “various other modalities” to offer the equivalent of a non-surgical facelift, according to the former NHS doctor.


It’s a style of non-invasive treatment which Totton believes will be a continuing trend for the industry and the people it serves in 2015.

“At Dr Leah we are all about offering alternatives to cosmetic surgery,” Totton explains.

“I have always believed the future is non-surgical, as I don’t believe women need to go through the risks of general anaesthetic and post-op complications that are associated with surgery.

“You can look and feel fantastic while still looking like a better version of yourself without needing to go under the knife and I think the success of my clinic demonstrates that shift from surgical to non-surgical treatments.”

She added: “Women are exploring safer and less invasive methods of anti-aging and this is a trend I think we will see across 2015. The industry in general is moving away from the trend of the 1990s of the overdone Botox-fantastic type of look.

“More and more the British population is realising that that is not a desirable cosmetic outcome. Now they want to keep results very subtle. When I do Botox I keep it looking very natural and that’s one of the reasons why we have soared in popularity as a clinic, because of our subtle yet effective approach to anti-aging.”

Later this year the brand will reveal its first skincare range, with the introduction of the Dr Leah eye cream – a product the entrepreneur’s clients can add to their home beauty collection from September.


“We’ll launch the range with our premier product, our Dr Leah eye cream for the treatment of under-eye lines, wrinkles, bags and dark circles,  which I believe will be a real game changer,” Totton explains.

“There is nothing else like it on the market and multiple years of medical research have gone into it. It’s our debut and we are really excited about it.”