15 times Irish people showed their spectacular obsession with Tayto Crisps

15 times Irish people showed their spectacular obsession with Tayto Crisps

US IRISH are a unique bunch in many respects.

Sure, our language, slang, traditional dance and music and our breathtaking countryside are all examples of this.

But the most glaring fact is that there’s no other country in the world who has so deeply entwined their culture and identity around a sentient potato.

Below is a list of 15 times our country showed the extent of our obsession with the nation's favourite crisps.

1. It's how we measure our love for our significant other.

2. We make sure it's the last thing you see before leaving the country so you never forget your roots.

3. We force our beliefs on our children and animals.

4. Everyone agrees that Tayto sandwiches belong everywhere... even a wedding

5. Our talented Irish artists put time and effort into creating masterpieces worshipping the spud

6. I really cannot stress enough how much Irish people love Taytos. It's a drug to us.

7. We take steps to ensure the sacred crisps are safe at all times.

8. This person loved this crocheted bag of Tayto so much they had to steal it...and then return it. Solidarity between Tayto lovers.

9. The entire country celebrates Mr Tayto's birthday. It's only a matter of time before it becomes a national holiday.

10. Artistic depictions of the suited spud come in every medium.

11. And we mean EVERY medium.

12. Even the most terrifying mediums.

13. I mean we have an entire Theme Park dedicated to the crisps. 

14. And we celebrate Crispmas as well as Christmas

15. The whole country was honestly disappointed to hear Mr Tayto wouldn't be running for president.

All hail the mighty spud!