Beware the black cat! 13 Irish superstitions everyone should know about

Beware the black cat! 13 Irish superstitions everyone should know about

Whether you believe in superstitions or not on a day-to-day basis, many people remain nervous about any Friday that falls on the 13th of the month.

Here, we take a look at some of the especially Irish superstitions that you may want to keep an eye out for today!


1. Finding a comb on the floor

Don't pick it up! This is terrible bad luck because it belongs to Ireland’s most terrifying wailing spirit, the banshee.

britishmagpie.n One for sorrow, two for joy Photo: iStockphoto

2. Seeing a solitary magpie

This is a bad omen and your only hope is to see another one, as the rhyme goes one for sorrow, two for joy…

itchynose-n Itchy nose, a sure sign of a fight Photo: iStockphoto

3. Itchy nose

Beware! This means someone is going to pick a fight with you.

Woman scratching her arm Itchy palms, however, could be lucrative Photo: iStockphoto

4. Itchy palms

A good sign as this means you will be coming into some money.

childofprague-n Child of Prague statue is said to have rain-delaying powers Photo: iStockphoto

5. Placing a Child of Prague statue in your house before a wedding

This will ensure your big day will be rain free - it works!

Throw this over your LEFT shoulder Photo: iStockphoto

6. Throwing salt over your left shoulder

A classic. The belief is that the devil is always standing behind you and throwing salt in his eye will stop him from making mischief.

funeral-n Bad weather actually means the soul is happy Photo: iStockphoto

7. Rain at a funeral

Surprisingly a good sign - this means the departed soul is happy.

Portrait of an old senior man thinking The seventh son of a seventh son gives great advice Photo: iStockphoto

8. The seventh son of a seventh son has special powers

If you need advice this is your go-to guy.

Nicely scored cross to keep out the devil (and to help with the baking) Photo: iStockphoto

9. Scoring a cross onto your soda bread

Keeps the devil out of your baking.

Bara brith traditional Welsh fruit teabread, sliced on board A ring in the Barmbrack at Halloween means marriage Photo: iStockphoto

10. Finding the ring in the Barmbrack at Halloween

Another bread-based superstition. This means you will be the next person to get married.

cutlery-n Handing someone a knife is dangerous. Handing over a fork is fine Photo: iStockphoto

11. Handing someone a knife

Very bad luck! Our advice would be to put it on the table for them to pick up themselves.

blarneystone.n A man hoping to get the gift of the gab Photo: iStockphoto

12. Kissing the Blarney Stone

Arguably the most famous Irish superstition, kissing the sacred stone gives you the gift of the gab.

If this crosses your path, you are doomed Photo: iStockphoto

13. A black cat crossing your path

One of the most well known superstitions don’t let it happen to you, especially on Friday 13th!