Brilliant new Irish TV Show 'This Way Up' is a must-watch for comedy fans

Brilliant new Irish TV Show 'This Way Up' is a must-watch for comedy fans

A NEW TV show by two of Ireland’s best comedians is getting raving reviews across the board.

Aisling Bea’s new Channel 4 show ‘This Way Up’ was released in full on Thursday 8 August and is proving a hit with viewers and critics alike.

The show, which stars Bea and 'Catastrophe' legend Sharon Horgan, co-writing, tackles bleak and difficult topics such as loneliness, anxiety and depression—but there are plenty of laughs to be found along the way.

The story follows TEFL teacher Aine (Bea) on her recovery after a nervous breakdown, and her worried older sister Shona (Horgan) as she juggles her own life with her fears about her sister’s mental health.

Bea’s talent for writing and comedy is apparent as she finds humour in some of the darkest places, and perfectly illustrates the way people hide behind a happy, joking façade when they feel nothing but despair inside-- something comedians and fans of comedy will be familiar with.

Bea and Horgan’s quick-witted, snarky, frustrated but generally loving sister act gives the show an extra boost and keeps the atmosphere light despite the heart-breaking subjects being discussed.

There are plenty of side-splittingly hilarious scenes-- you haven't lived until you've seen Aisling Bea and Sharon Horgan singing an absolutely dire version of The Cranberries' 'Zombie'-- and they serve to make you let your guard down before hitting you with another uncomfortable truth about living with depression.

The show has been granted a weekly 9pm slot every Thursday but many binged the show in its entirety over the weekend, providing Bea with instant gratification and heartfelt demands for another season.

The theme of loneliness lays the foundation for Bea's story. Many will find Aine's character to be uncomfortably relatable, and the show make people take heed at how their friends, who seem full of life on the outside, might be battling something dark in their minds.

The Kildare native has been blown away by the response and the glowing reviews, regardless of how deserved they are.

You can catch 'This Way Up' on Channel 4 on Thursday, or binge the entire first season in a quick three hours on Channel 4 Player.