Ed Sheeran: 'I'm obsessed with Love/Hate, I'd love to do a cameo'

Ed Sheeran: 'I'm obsessed with Love/Hate, I'd love to do a cameo'

ED Sheeran is the latest member to join the Love/Hate fan club, after he revealed that he is “obsessed” with the hit RTE show and would love to appear in it as a cameo.

The Lego House singer was speaking about the show during an interview with Ryan and Tracy on Full Charged, in which he also declared that he wants Nidge – played by Tom Vaughan-Lawlor – to be his best mate.

"I'm obsessed with that show, third time watching it now!” he said.

“I wasn't introduced to it by Irish people, I was in America and they were watching it over there - lots of yanks on the Taylor Swift tour, all the crew, the roadie crew.

Here's Nidge in action in series four of Love/Hate

“At first they were like, 'it's made by RTE' and was like, 'oh, alright'. But then I watched it and it was incredible. I was just instantly hooked in. I want Nidge to be my best mate!"

He added that there may be scope in the future to feature in the popular gangland series, in disguise off course, and that he might even take inspiration from the series for one of his music videos.

"My favourite [character] was probably Johnboy, Aidan Gillen", Sheeran continued.

“I actually said to the label [I'd love to do a cameo]; I'd just be one of the little [characters] on a bike with a little balaclava on, just biking past. I'd love that. I might get them in a music video at some point, that could be quite fun!"