Haunting Halloween festival draws crowds to the streets in Ireland

Haunting Halloween festival draws crowds to the streets in Ireland

HUNDREDS of people turned out to celebrate Halloween at a series of events held in Dublin over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Last night saw the return of Macnas to the streets of the capital where the world-renowned artists brought a brand-new parade of otherworldly magic to the city’s streets during the annual Bram Stoker Festival.

The event, which saw Dubliners and visitors of all ages lining up to watch the procession as dusk fell, had the theme Cnámha La Loba.

Perfromers at the Macnas Halloween Event on Moore Street in Dublin last night

Directed by James Riordan, director of the Galway based Brú Theatre company, it told the story of La Loba, a wild wolf-woman, who wanders the world collecting bones and preserving that which is in danger of being lost to the world.

“Her cave is filled with the remains of all manner of souls: religious zealots praying to the almost forgotten God Perun, warrior mist beings appearing like moths from the Feth Fiadh and beauties of Eldorado destined to dig for gold forever,” the organisers explained.

“This old bone collector La Loba searches deserts and forests for the memories of giggling Rusalkas, river nymphs lurking just under the surface, and for the remnants of fading soldiers with no one to serve, left behind by a lost war,” they add.

“As this ancient witch piles bones of past people around the fire, with her wolf by her side and the moon bright, La Loba sings life into these almost forgotten Gods and their humans.

"As half human-half-deer skeletons rise from the ashes, La Loba illuminates memories of who we were before we became what we are.”

Zoey and Freya Dowling enjoying the Bram Stoker Festival in St Patricks Park, Dublin

Earlier in the weekend, Festival-goers enjoyed Stokerland, a free, pop-up Victorian fun park for families which was open all weekend in St Patrick's Park, set against the backdrop of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.