Irish girl, 12, chosen to represent Earth Day with original song pleading for Joe Biden to protect environment

Irish girl, 12, chosen to represent Earth Day with original song pleading for Joe Biden to protect environment

A YOUNG Irish girl has been selected to represent Earth Day with an international broadcast of an original song pleading for the environment to be protected.

Twelve-year-old Ruby Maher and her siblings Robyn and Stacey, along with their father Dave perform as 'The Mahers', and youngest sister Ruby has already caught the attention of after she appeared on last year's The Voice Kids UK.

The musical family, from County Kildare, teamed up with hugely successful Irish songwriter Brendan Graham, the mastermind behind 'You Raise Me Up', to create what they had hoped would become an Earth Day anthem-- and those hopes have now been realised. have chosen the emotive song, Lullaby For The World, to be broadcast across the planet as a rallying call for the protection of the environment, and will air the lullaby on its global channels tomorrow to mark Earth Day 2021.

'Lullaby For The World' is a response to Joe Biden's call for the young generation to engage with Earth Day and help stop the climate crisis and the destruction of the environment, with Ruby describing it as a "gift to President Biden to demonstrate how we as the young generation want to help bring Earth Day to the world's attention".

Ruby, Robyn and Stacey also recorded a video message to US President Biden, with Ruby writing: "We heard that you want young people to help on Earth Day, so this is our gift from the children of Ireland."

"As everyone listens to you, we are giving you this song to help and maybe to get the whole world singing, 'Tomorrow, we'll make a new world, and we'll do it for you,' as the song says!"

Speaking after the news broke that Lullaby To The World had been chosen to represent Earth Day 2021, Ruby said:

"I think that with his own Irish roots, President Biden will like the fact that we are just an ordinary Irish family trying to help his message through our song. I think we can all do our bit to help the environment.

"I have asked my school principal if my school in Newbridge, St Conleths, can have a clean-up that day, and it's great, it's going ahead. I'd just love if all Irish schools did the same."

You can find out more about the plans for Earth Day, and watch Lullaby For The World, on the charity's website here.