One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson chooses ancient Irish name for his firstborn child

One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson chooses ancient Irish name for his firstborn child


THE IRISH NAME CONCHOBAR has been trending on Twitter following reports that it is the name One Direction member Louis Tomlinson and ex-girlfriend, stylist Briana Jungwirth, have chosen for their first child. 

Tomlinson announced the birth on Twitter last week, but did not confirm the name.

One Direction fans have been tweeting themselves into a frenzy since rumours of the unusual Irish name emerged. Many have been asking if the choice of name was influenced by Irish band mate Niall Horan.

What does it mean?

An Irish boy's name it means 'lover of canines' in Celtic and is the source of the more popular boys name Connor. It is also the source of common Irish surnames Connor and O'Connor.

Where does the name come from?

The name is steeped in Irish history and was the name of several prominent Irish figures including Conchobar mac Nessa, the King of Ulster and Conchobar mac Donnchada, The high king of Ireland.

Who were the famous Irish Conchobars? 

Conchobar Mac Nessa, was said to have been born by the river Conchobar, falling in shortly after birth. The floating baby was rescued by a druid who named him Conchobar after the river. The druid returned the baby to its mother Nessa raising it alongside her as his own. When little Conchobar turned seven, his mother,  perhaps bored of life with a druid, set her sights on the King of Ulster, Fergus mac Róich. She agreed to marry him as long as her son be named king for a year. The king agrees to allow Conchobar to rule for a year in order to secure his inheritance. Little Conchobar, advised by his mother ruled so well that Fergus is overthrown. Conchobar continued to rule until adulthood when he was killed in battle, an occupational hazard.

Conchobar man Donnachada  was born the son of the High King Donnchad Mid from modern day County Meath, and the Antrim noble woman Fuirseach. He is first appears in historical records, when he receives a portion of land alongside his brother Ailill, making them both Lords. Unhappy with his lot, the following year Conchobar killed his brother, taking the extra land for himself. Five years later he decided to take the role of the role of High King for, eventually succeeding. His reign was cut short by an unfortunate encounter with Viking raiders. He is buried at Clonard Abbey in West Belfast.