'Pat Mustard' trends on Twitter as Boris Johnson delivers milk on campaign trail

'Pat Mustard' trends on Twitter as Boris Johnson delivers milk on campaign trail

BUCKLE IN for this one, lads (even though the milk float doesn't go very fast).

Arguably the greatest one-off character ever to appear in the Channel 4 sitcom Father Ted is trending on Twitter in parts of Ireland and the UK today for a pretty brilliant reason, as hundreds of people have noticed some pretty spot-on similarities between Pat Mustard and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

It's probably not what the Conservative Party leader wants the day before a general election in the UK, but the social media users have spoken, and the Twittersphere is currently awash with photos and jokes comparing the rogue, mustachioed milkman with the politician who, ironically, spent this morning delivering milk in Leeds.

But the comparisons don't stop there-- earlier in the week, Mr Johson's campaign saw him barge through a makeshift wall with a digger emblazoned with the words 'Get Brexit Done'-- a familiar scene for fans of the show.

A regular talking point among critics when it comes to Boris Johnson is the mystery surrounding the number of children he has. The unofficial number is 'at least five', which is already weird and vague, but Johnson himself has previously refused to answer journalists who ask him straight out about how many kids he has.

Which, of course, led to this...

And this...

And if you still weren't convinced that these two may in fact be the same man, here's the kicker: PM doesn't stand for Prime Minister at all-- it stands for (You guessed it)...