President of Ireland's attention-seeking puppy appears on news in UK, US, Australia and more

President of Ireland's attention-seeking puppy appears on news in UK, US, Australia and more

IT'S NOT just the Irish who are obsessed with the president's dogs.

Michael D Higgins's Bernese Mountain puppy, Misneach, is just seven months old but has already captured hearts across Ireland and far, far beyond, as his adorable antics were caught on camera for the whole world to see.

Following in his older brother, Bród's, footsteps-- who once went viral for interrupting an official presidential event to demand belly rubs, and even stole the spotlight when British Royals William and Kate visited-- Misneach has become world-famous after he interrupted the president's TV interview to look for cuddles.

The puppy bounded onto the scene during the national TV interview to demand attention from his master, pushing his nose into the president's hand, sniffing his coat and playfully nibbling at him.

President Higgins, well-used to his dogs' tricks, continued on as though nothing was happening, using the RTÉ interview to pay tribute Irish actor Tom Hickey-- but later shared the 'behind the scenes' video of the cheeky, adorable pup-- and the video exploded in popularity.

Misneach and Michael D Higgins have been featured on the media across the world, from the United Kingdom, United States, Australia and more, with everyone from online video site Now This to national news channel CBS sharing the fantastic clip with their viewers.

News outlets in Romania, India, Spain, Germany and Mexico are among the countries whose news channels picked up the clip-- and animal-dedicated channels across the world have also shared the adorable video with their audiences.

The clip of Misneach has been viewed millions of times across multiple platforms, but Misneach's name means courage in Irish, and the pup is taking his newfound fame in his stride!

We doubt it's the last we'll see of the gorgeous Bernese Mountain pup-- watch this space.