WATCH: Galway teenager pens impressive song celebrating Joe Biden's Irish roots

WATCH: Galway teenager pens impressive song celebrating Joe Biden's Irish roots

AN IRISH teenager has penned an original song which pays tribute to the new US President's Irish roots.

Joe Biden has often spoken of his links to Ireland, with his roots most prominent in Mayo and Louth, but he has relatives in County Galway, too.

This fact did not go unnoticed by talented musician and Transition Year student Colm Seoighe, who has penned an original-- and extremely catchy-- song about Biden's upcoming trip to Ireland.

The 16-year-old student, from Barr Róisín in Ros an Mhíl in the Connemara Gaeltacht, referenced numerous quotes and speeches from Biden in his song, titled 'Joe Biden's Trip to Ireland', including a nod to the Seamus Heaney poem Biden used in a powerful campaign video.

Colm wrote the song over the course of a year, working hard at writing the lyrics through English rather than Irish, his first language.

He told the Connacht Tribune that it was important to him that the song did not delve into Biden's politics, as that could prove divisive, and instead wanted to "celebrate how he’s Irish" in order to "bring people together".

Colm uploaded the finished version to Youtube to coincide with the Irish-American's inauguration, where it was praised by dozens of people-- including Joe Biden's Galway relatives, the Hanniffy's.

Catchy lyrics see the new president coming home to Ireland-- "this time on air force one"-- where "Ballina's Irish son" will "kiss the Blarney stone".

While Joe Biden has not yet confirmed when he'll visit the Emerald Isle, he has promised it will happen-- and we think we know the perfect song to welcome him with.

You can follow Colm Seoighe's music on his Youtube account here.

And the lyrics, if you'd like to sing along, are below.


"Come all ye children of the Gael
Wherever did ye roam
Away in coffin ships ye sailed
O'er the Atlantic foam.

Once in a lifetime
Happened just the other day
Joe made hope and history rhyme
O'er in America
Hes one of our own
A true born Irish son
Joe Bidens coming home
This time on air force one.

Hey ho!
Biden Joe!
Hes' coming home to Mayo.
He's coming home to kiss the Blarney stone.
Ho Hey!
Make your way!
Like J.F.K. to Galway Bay
Scrappy kid Joe is coming home
to the hills of sweet Mayo.

Pennsylvania born and raised
Of Hibernian stock
Finnegan from the peninsula
At the tip of Carlingford lough.
It will be a grand soft day
Coming from the White House
On the furze road make your way
To heaven up in Louth .
With the Blewitts and the Hannifeys
Saints scholars craic and fun
Take no Malarkey
On board air force one.

His roots are true and hailing
From the fourth shades of green
A deep love for Éireann
On his soul she will be seen
He'll fly in o'er clew bay
Croagh Padraig full of shamrock
The Chieftians will then play
As he lands in Knock
The Blewitts will be there that day
Joe : Ballina's Irish son
Fr. Horans runway
Was built for airforce one.

On the mother land , the Emerald Isle
Hear the cuckoo hear the lark
Stand at Michael D for a while
Poetry at the Pheonix park
The rock of Cashel , Conamara
And the rocks of Bán
Vinegar Tara
Spancil Hill and New Grange at dawn.
From Sceilg Mhichíl to Rockall
When all is said and done
Céad míle failte romhat anall
All aboard
Air force one!

Before hes there hes comin back
Hows it goin what's the craic
You'll never see the likes of Joe again round sweet Mayo."