Halloween ideas: Fun things to do with the kids this year during the Covid-19 pandemic
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Halloween ideas: Fun things to do with the kids this year during the Covid-19 pandemic

THE CORONAVIRUS pandemic has well and truly ensured that Halloween will look a little different this year.

A rise in case numbers in Ireland has NPHET and the Government discussing the idea of moving the country as a whole up to Level Four or even Level Five restrictions.

As a result, trick-or-treating is off the cards, as are Halloween parties, and other big spooky events you might have had planned.

So we thought we'd offer up a few alternatives for the family to enjoy this year. After all, just because you're spending Halloween at home, doesn't mean you can't have a frighteningly good time!

Hold a virtual costume party

One of the best things about Halloween is dressing up. We all know it. And just because we can't go to parties or go trick-or-treating doesn't mean we can't splatter ourselves in fake blood and garish hair spray.

Why not dress up anyway and get online with all your friends with one of the many video-chat apps? You could host a spooky quiz, hold a dance/sing along or simply just chat away and parade around the house in all your ghoulish glory.

Set up a candy hunt

Just because the kids can't trick-or-treat doesn't mean they can't have fun filling up their sweet buckets. You could hide sweets around the house - a little like an Easter egg hunt - and task the little ones with finding them all.

Make things a little scarier by leaving sweets in hidey-holes around your home. You could even pop a few fake creepy-crawlies nearby for fun.

Just remember, don't hide any chocolate behind the radiator!

EPIC Museum

The Irish immigration museum is hosting some spooktacular online event this year.

On the 24th, 25th, 29th & 30th of October they're running their 'Trick or Treat: Halloween Around the World' Online Workshop, which brings historical trivia and spooky modern-day practices together to create a one-of-a-kind Halloween experience.

Children can dress up too as they'll get the chance to explore the evolution of Halloween around the world. Tickets from €7.50 available to purchase online, here.

Set up a spook house

It might take a little effort, but it'll be totally worth it. Dim the lights, hang some fake cob-webs about the place and set out bowls of spaghetti and pretend it's human guts or something. The important thing is to get creative.

We all had a neighbour growing up who made a spook house every year. And boy were they ever fun.

Pumpkin carving

A classic, but always a winner. You don't have to just carve them either, you could decorate them too - or even host a pumpkin decorating contest virtually with your friends.

Cook/bake some fun Halloween treats

Let your kids pick a few fun and Halloween-themed cookie or treat recipes to make.

Here are a few neat ideas, courtesy of mummypages.ie.