Irish pub installs a bed to save relationships
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Irish pub installs a bed to save relationships

RELATIONSHIPS are all about compromise.

It can be difficult negotiating what you want alongside what the other person in the relationship wants - sometimes more difficult than one can bear.

One Irish pub has made that compromise a little easier by installing a bed in their bar - so one member of a relationship can tell a little white lie to keep their other half happy.

McNamee's in Loughrea, County Galway have installed a single bed for those who wish to go for a quiet drink without their partner or spouse.

According to the pub, the bed is not to be used by punters to rest or relax on, but rather those who want to send proof to their partner that they're at home ready to sleep.


Is it downright lying or saving your relationship with a little white lie when you're dying for a pint?

The jury's out on this one...