WATCH: Wally the Walrus spotted sunbathing a boat off West Cork coast in video captured by Irish distillery
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WATCH: Wally the Walrus spotted sunbathing a boat off West Cork coast in video captured by Irish distillery

IRELAND'S GIANT Arctic Walrus has been taking in the sights of the Emerald Isle while enjoying a rare spot of sunny weather on the south coast.

Dubbed 'Wally the Walrus', the giant creature was first spotted in Irish waters in February of this year before making his way to the UK and on to the Isles of Sicily, before heading back to colder seas.

In recent weeks, the walrus has been spotted along Ireland's east coast, and most recently made his way to the south, where he was seen on multiple occasions in West Cork, laying on rocks, swimming in the sea and even resting on boats and pontoons.

Last week, we reported how Seal Rescue Ireland had made an appeal for any unused boats to be donated in order for the walrus to rest on, as he had damaged multiple vehicles while attempting to clamber atop them, even reportedly sinking one.

Photographs shared by the rescue charity showed the walrus relaxing on a boar near Clonakilty, and they shared the happy news that a pontoon had been donated in order for Wally to rest safely without damaging property or putting himself in danger.

As well as some spectacular images, a video captured by local distillery Clonakilty Distillery, which produces vodka and gin in the popular tourist village, has been making the rounds on social media, showing the giant walrus sunbathing on a boat belonging to one of the team.

Sharing the video to Twitter, and tagging The Irish Post, a spokesperson for Clonakilty Distillery wrote: "One of our team had an unexpected Artic visitor on their boat this evening [Wally the Walrus] spotted in Clonakilty today".

The clip shows the walrus settling comfortably into the boat as it floats towards land, before stretching out and basking in the sunshine, with the village of Clonakilty looking picturesque under blue skies in the background.

They joked: "We reckon he must have stopped by on his travels for a refreshing Minke G&T!", one of the distillery's most popular products.

The video was shared to social media last week, on 9 August, drawing dozens of comments from people who have been following the walrus's adventures-- and many noted that it looked as though Wally appeared to be driving the boat.

Since losing Fungie in October of last year, the Emerald Isle have welcomed the walrus with open arms-- although warnings remain that the public should not approach the creature after a woman was spotted climbing into a boat with the walrus last week.