These 10 horror films are so scary, Netflix viewers can't finish them

These 10 horror films are so scary, Netflix viewers can't finish them

EVER WATCHED a horror movie so frightening, you've been forced to turn it off rather than sit through the remainder, scared stiff?

Though the notion might seem ridiculous to some, it's a very real notion to others.

In fact, according to Forbes, there are some films that, statistically speaking, have proven so terrifying to some Netflix viewers, they could make it through to the end.

The criteria for the films on this list is simple, with Netflix

The criteria used by Netflix to produce the list made sense - basically, in order for a film to qualify, the user had to have made it through at least 70 per cent of the movie.

It's an important caveat and one that makes a lot of sense on closer inspection.

Basically, Netflix surmised that the 70 per cent threshold ensured the list didn't feature any films that were simply bad rather than scary.

After all, if people truly hated a movie, they would turn it off long before then.

So here's the 10 in no particular order - have you made it all the way through all 10?

10. Cabin Fever

Eli Roth's gory debut centres on five college graduates who rent a cabin in the woods and slowly begin to falling victim to a horrifying flesh-eating virus, which soon attracts the unwanted attention of the homicidal locals.

9. Carnage Park

This 1970s- set survival horror focuses on a pair of wannabe bank robbers who, after a job gone wrong, head into the desert to wait things out. They soon stumble upon the titular Carnage Park, a remote stretch of land overseen by a psychotic ex-military sniper with murderous intentions.

8. México Bárbaro

This colourful Mexican horror anthology film presents eight terrifying intertwined tales that touch of some very real Mexican legends and traditions you'll probably wish you'd never heard of. Unsettling and suitably gruesome.


7. Piranha 3D

French gore-master Alexandre Aja took the reins for this gleefully demented remake of Joe Dante's original about a score of mutant piranha that invade a beach resort during spring break with bloody, screen-poppingly brilliant results.


6. Raw

This low-key French favourite builds to a terrifying climax as it tells the story of a seemingly innocent teenager who, while studying to be a vet, begins to develop an alarming craving for human flesh.


5. Teeth

This effective low budget American effort left men everywhere crossing their legs. It tells the story of Dawn, a high school girl going through the pain of puberty and quickly discovering she has a physical advantage when it comes to boys with sordid thoughts on their mind.


4. The Conjuring

The film that kicked off the trend for old-school jump scares of the spiritual variety, The Conjuring tells the tale of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren and their efforts to help a family being terrorised by a dark presence in their home. Made all the more frightening by the fact it's based on real events.

3. The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence

The sequel to the repulsive original, The Human Centipede 2 takes the original's concept about a mad scientist who wants to sew three people together, orifice to orifice, and quadruples down on it - this time another mad scientist wants to do the same thing but with 12.

2. The Void

This atmospheric body-horror tale unfolds shortly after a police officer delivers a patient to an understaffed hospital and begins to experience strange and violent occurrences linked to a cult of mysterious hooded figures.


A terrifying horror of biblical proportions. Jeruzalem centres on a young American couple who decide to visit the city of Jerusalem during a trip to Israel and soon find themselves suffering the almighty wrath of unseen and vengeful forces.

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