Andy Serkis revives Gollum for inspired Theresa May Brexit spoof

Andy Serkis revives Gollum for inspired Theresa May Brexit spoof

ANDY SERKIS has revived his most iconic character, Gollum from the Lord of the Rings, for an inspired spoof video poking fun Theresa May and the ongoing Brexit saga.

The English actor, who carved out a niche for playing CGI-based characters via the magic of motion-capture effects, took things back to basics for the new clip which sees him taking on his toughest role yet as Prime Minister May.

Decked out in May's familiar Conservative-blue jacket along with a grey wig for that extra touch of authenticity, Serkis' sketch titled: LEAKED: Footage from Inside No 10 Downing Street!

"Precious … our agreement, this is it. Our deal," Serkis hisses in the video cowering in a darkened Number 10, as he looks over a copy of the Withdrawal Agreement MPs will vote on.

"We takes back control! Money, borders, laws … blue passportses!"

Serkis' big break in Hollywood came playing Gollum in the Lord of the Rings movies, a character suffering from something akin to split/multiple personality disorder.

And the new video sees Serkis May locked in her own internal battle between wanting the deal to go through and the fact it could leave people worse off.



"It hurts the people, makes them poorer," he/she pleads.

"But I finds it and negotiates it. We wants it! We has to do it!" he immediately responds.

The video ends with a plea calling for the government to implement a People's Vot on Brexit.

Parliament is set to vote on May's Brexit deal this Tuesday, December 11th, with many predicting the Prime Minister will lose.

In the meantime, critics like Boris Johnson are already circling.

The Conservative MP has urged the government to ditch the current Irish backstop plans from the Brexit deal and renegotiate the agreement with the EU.