Belfast's Merchant Hotel launches water menu - with £26 bottle on offer

Belfast's Merchant Hotel launches water menu - with £26 bottle on offer

A NORTHERN IRISH hotel has launched a new water menu – with the most expensive bottle of water retailing at £26.

The five-star Merchant Hotel in Belfast, renowned for its top class afternoon tea and pricey cocktails, launched the water menu last week featuring water from all over the world.

The cheapest on offer is a Scotland Glenlivet Estate sparkling water for £4.95.

A 750ml bottle of  Canadian still water will set you back £26.45. The water comes from the Canadian Arctic, where snow froze and compacted into imposing glacial walls. Thousands of years later, the ice is considered to hold the purest water on earth, as the glaciers protected the water from impurities.

To add to the luxury, the Merchant has appointed two water butlers to bring the drinks to its customers.

The Merchant is renowned in the North of Ireland and further afield for its high end drinks. The hotel’s bar was once home to both the world’s most expensive cocktail and the world’s oldest old-fashioned.

However, not everyone is impressed with the new offering.

The Hudson Bar in Belfast took to Facebook to playfully mock the Merchant's water menu

We'd hate to get left behind on this newest innovation in beverage retailing so here's our brand new water list! Conveniently arranged by your own personal level of daftness.

Posted by The Hudson Bar on Dé hAoine, 24 Iúil 2015

Despite the array of options on the new menu, tap water will still be free at the Merchant’s bar for those who do not want to shell out.