The biggest Irish news stories from the last 24 hours

The biggest Irish news stories from the last 24 hours

EVERY evening The Irish Post rounds up the biggest Irish headlines over the last 24 hours to keep you in the know. Here’s what happened today…

Crash landing 

A solo pilot was forced to make a crash landing on an Irish island after his microlight aircraft’s engine cut out in mid-air. Click here for more

The end of Christmas Guinness adverts?

The ever-popular Christmas Guinness adverts could be absent from Irish television screens this winter as the Government pushes through a new law restricting alcohol marketing. Click here for more. 


'What on Earth did we fight for our freedom for?’

Irish broadcaster Eamon Dunphy has said modern Ireland is a ‘kip.' Click here for more.


Varadkar to De Varad 

Today marks 100 days since An Taoiseach took office. The Irish Post rounds up some of his highlights. Click here for more

Metropolitan Police officers should face misconduct action over derogatory comments about Irish Travellers. 

Four Metropolitan Police personnel should face misconduct meetings for making derogatory comments about Irish Travellers in an online chat, a watchdog has ruled. Click here for more.


Passenger plane's incident at Irish airport could have resulted in 'multiple fatalaties'

An incident with a passenger plane at an Irish airport could have resulted in ‘multiple fatalities’ a report has found. Click here for more.