Catholic priests lift spirits during Mass with brilliant Irish dancing routine

Catholic priests lift spirits during Mass with brilliant Irish dancing routine

A TRIO of Catholic priests have found a way to lift spirits during Mass with a spot of Irish dancing. 

The three celebrants showcased their impressive moves during a livestream broadcast from St Peter’s Church in Lurgan, Co Armagh, this past Saturday. 

Footage of Fr Colum Wright, Deacon Kevin Devine and Sacristan Noel McCann strutting their stuff was uploaded to social media by local shop worker Patricia Lavery. 

Patricia was watching the service at home and thought footage of their impressive efforts would bring a smile to the faces of a few friends and family. 

She wasn’t wrong either. 


The video quickly proved a hit, with the clip racking up more than 700,000 views and counting. 

"I can't believe it, she told RTE.  

“I just thought a few hundred people on my news feed would see it and have a bit of a laugh, but it has spread like wildfire." 

She’s been flooded with questions and queries about the video ever since with people approaching her at work to ask about the Godly trio. 

The priests themselves, meanwhile, are more than happy with their newfound stardom. 

Patricia told RTE: "I think they're delighted at the publicity.  


“The whole point of it was a feelgood factor, to add a bit of community spirit, in the times that we're in at the minute. They certainly managed to do that." 

She’s also predicting bigger and better during this weekend’s Mass. 

"I'm expecting all the priests to come out and do Riverdance." 

Michael Flatley, eat your heart out.