Irish company unveils new chicken nugget flavour ice cream

Irish company unveils new chicken nugget flavour ice cream

AN IRISH company has unveiled its latest sweet treat creation: chicken nugget flavour ice cream.

The work of the brains over at XXI Ice, this distinctive new flavour is a unique mash-up of McDonald’s chicken nuggets and good old-fashioned vanilla ice cream.

It’s already proven a hit with fans online too after a video of XXI Ice making their new ice cream concoction was posted to Facebook.

Made using a combination of meat and ice cream, the whole thing is quite literally topped off with a chicken nugget or two.

Either a genius mash-up of two familiar favourites or the regretful remnants from a night out after one too many, chicken nugget ice cream is likely to be divisive choice.

In any case it’s not the first time XXI Ice has dabbled in unusual ice cream flavours.

Previous experiments from the company, who are based in the north east of Ireland, have included a Tayto crisps infused ice cream and a Prosecco flavoured creation.

Either an inspired choice or the result of some seriously bad brain freeze, the new chicken nugget flavour ice cream isn’t the first unique combo to come from the Emerald Isle.

Another ice cream parlour previously turned heads with its unique mayonnaise flavour ice cream. Do you fancy a scoop or two of nugget infused ice cream? Or are you chicken?