Is that Conor McGregor in there? Venom fight clip sees Tom Hardy channel Irishman

Is that Conor McGregor in there? Venom fight clip sees Tom Hardy channel Irishman

CONOR MCGREGOR'S influence on Tom Hardy's performance in the Venom comic book movie is clear to see in a new clip that's debuted online ahead of the film's release.

Hardy previously revealed in an interview with Esquire that the Irishman was one of three diverse figures from the world of film and music that helped shape his portrayal of Eddie Brock.

A character first made famous on the pages of Spider-Man, Venom emerged as something of an antihero in the 1990s, despite starting out as a major villain.

A disgraced journalist, Brock's life is altered forever after he comes into an alien symbiote that bonds with him, turning him into a black-clad monster-of-sorts with superpowers to match.

The film looks set to follow a similar path, though Hardy's performance is informed by more contemporary sources.

Hardy's Brock/Venom is apparently a mix of Woody Allen's "tortured neurosis", along with McGregor's "überviolence" and rapper Redman's "out of control" say-what-you-think approach to life.

Some of that McGregor aggression is certainly on display in the new clip uploaded to Sony's YouTube channel, which sees Hardy's Brock transform into Venom, unleashing some pretty impressive "überviolence" in the process.

An entire SWAT team is dispatched in the blink of an eye, with Venom's movements bearing a striking resemblance to the kind of antics UFC fans have seen from McGregor in the past.

Due to arrive in cinemas on October 5th, fans will have to head down to their local multiplex to find out just how much the finished article resembles the Irishman.

On the basis of this clip alone, it might end up being more than you think.